Dr. Heidi K. Gardner criticizes the way that Meta leaders handled recent layoffs.

In a new CNBC article, Dr. Heidi K. Gardner describes the manner in which some of the recent Meta layoffs have been conducted as “absolutely horrific.” Leaders informing people of a job loss through email is a reflection of poor leadership, she says.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Every leader who calls himself a leader, who gets paid like a leader, who’s accepted that title of leader, has the responsibility to exhibit ethical leadership,” Gardner says. “And failing to communicate with somebody honestly and transparently and humanely before these events have taken effect is shameful.”

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a Harvard University expert says she “takes issue” with the way some of them are being conducted — namely, over email.

Finding out you’ve lost your job this way is “absolutely horrific,” Heidi K. Gardner, a professional leadership advisor and distinguished fellow at Harvard Law School, tells CNBC Make It. The method could be a reflection of poor leadership, she adds.