High-energy, interactive, research-based keynote sessions and longer workshops that spark innovative ideas and produce measurable results. This is not “edu-tainment”; it’s an investment designed to alter mindsets, behaviors and outcomes.

Live keynotes and workshops

Customized based on pre-event surveys, firm-specific financial analyses, and interviews with clients/customers, executives and board members. Our tailored insights, case studies and practical examples challenge people to launch change. Longer sessions include hands-on workshops to flesh out concrete actions.

Video-based keynotes

A tailored keynote experience through TED-style videos blended with live, customized, interactive segments. We either provide a highly skilled facilitator or we train your leader(s) to run the interactive portions. Bespoke sessions are highly customized using surveys, analytics and interviews.

Client sessions

Professional firms frequently engage me to speak to their client audiences—at a client’s own offsite, multi-client event, or joint workshops with partners.
These investments in client relationships demonstrate a firm’s commitment to innovation, help change the strategic dialogue, and open up opportunities for mutual collaboration.

Topics include:

  • Smart Collaboration (for professional firms, financial institutions, corporations, public sector)
  • Optimizing in-house legal teams
  • Gender implications of collaboration
  • Innovation through Smart Collaboration
  • Board effectiveness / improving board-executive collaboration