Dr. Heidi K. Gardner is available to advise your organization via virtual and in-person speaking engagements, including customized keynotes, interactive workshops, and consulting meetings.


Smarter Collaboration: Breaking Down Silos to Boost Profits, Innovation, and Engagement


From market volatility to ESG to capitalizing on opportunities from artificial intelligence, leaders now face more complex challenges and opportunities than ever. Tackling these multi-faceted issues requires problem solving from diverse minds across the company and its ecosystem—but most of the time, the expertise is trapped in silos rather than harnessed for success. Drawing on a decade of award-winning, data-backed research at Harvard and firsthand work with hundreds of global companies, Dr. Heidi Gardner shows leaders how to get people working across functions and geographies, and with outside partners—to drive innovation, delight customers, and engage their top talent. Sharing insights from her Washington Post bestselling book “Smart Collaboration” and its new sequel “Smarter Collaboration,” the highly interactive keynotes, workshops, and advisory meetings help organizations troubleshoot thorny collaboration challenges like misaligned incentives, collaboration overload, and unintended consequences on diversity and inclusion. Participants walk away with clear, pragmatic ideas for capturing the business and talent advantages of smarter collaboration.

Smarter Collaboration: Leading and Thriving through Turbulent Times


Instability and extreme pressure are inevitable parts of the business landscape. That’s when leaders especially need their people to join forces, apply their unique knowledge and skills, and create innovative ways for overcoming the issue at hand—what Harvard’s Dr. Heidi Gardner calls smarter collaboration. But the irony is that the stress of factors like political uncertainty, market shocks, or digital dislocation often forces people to retreat into defensive mindsets and behaviors. Dr. Gardner’s extensive research and experience with hundreds of organizations across the globe shows that during a crisis people typically defer to authorities, conform, and opt for safe solutions—the antithesis of smarter collaboration. But data-backed strategies do exist for embracing collaboration and its full range of benefits—including higher revenue and profit, deeper customer relationships, and a happier workforce—during the times it is most needed. Hear these game-changing ideas from Dr. Gardner, an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and former McKinsey consultant. Offered in keynotes, workshops, or advisory meetings, her engagements help participants come up with approaches that are customized for their organization’s specific market, needs, and challenges.

Profits, People, and Purpose: Smarter Collaboration for Engagement and Performance


As much as enlightened leaders know that the way to optimize performance is by engaging their talent, the pressures of today’s workplaces often creates a task-focused, productivity-driven relationship between organizations and their people. In her bestselling book, “Smart Collaboration,” Dr. Heidi K. Gardner shows how companies can resolve this paradox: They get diverse people to work together across organizational silos—and with outside partners—to tackle higher-value issues and solutions, playing to their unique strengths and deriving greater meaning from their work. This more engaged workforce then generates higher revenues and profits, improved customer satisfaction, and faster innovation. Drawing on psychology, neuroscience, and data-backed analytics, Dr. Gardner’s work provides a framework for leaders to address the whole organization—boosting productivity and inclusion, while preventing over-commitment and burnout. Having lived and worked on four continents, Dr. Gardner is well-equipped to lead keynotes, workshops, or advisory meetings that address the cross-cultural nuances of designing solutions that optimize profits, people, and purpose.

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