Smart Collaboration Diagnostic

No two firms are alike, and so their approach for fostering Smart Collaboration must be highly customized. We run an in-depth Diagnostic to uncover specific, tailored actions to make measurable progress.

Diagnostic Approach

How can collaboration enhance your client satisfaction, profitability and talent retention? We apply proven research findings to help understand the specific aims for enhanced collaboration, identify obstacles, and quantify the potential upside of collaborating more efficiently and effectively. We work with your leadership team to develop a specific, tailored course of action with clear ways to increase accountability and measure results.

Results and follow-on

The diagnostic will ultimately help you provide more holistic, higher-value client service that increases profits and client loyalty. You will also develop a stronger ability to innovate and manage change, to integrate lateral hires, and to engage your talent. We often work longer-term with clients, for example by presenting findings to the whole partnership or developing accountability systems to support implementation.

Note: Gardner & Co. recently launched a new product, the Smarter Collaboration Diagnostic Toolkit, that lets organizations conduct their own diagnostic.

Smart Collaboration Diagnostic