Lateral hiring

To generate competitive advantage through lateral hiring, it's not enough just to optimize laterals' individual capabilities. You need to integrate them so that your whole business generates more value.

Most lateral hiring fails to generate strategic or financial returns.  To key to maximizing your investment lies in building the business case pre-hiring and thoroughly integrating new joiners within their first few months. These actions ensure that laterals can engage in Smart Collaboration with their new peers.  Yet, many firms spend disproportionate resources on cultivating and interviewing prospects and neglect critical aspects of analytics and accountability.

Our empirical research dissects the pitfalls of current lateral hiring practices and discuss what leaders can do about it. Using data, examples and case studies, we break down the three stages of hiring, provide guidance on how to assess your existing process, and recommend practical steps to yield the biggest return on your effort.

Lateral hiring
PUBLICATION TITLE / Smart Collaboration for Lateral Hiring: Successful Strategies to Recruit and Integrate Laterals in Law Firms

Lateral hires who engage in collaborative work with their new colleagues are significantly more likely to stay longer with their firm, to hit or exceed their targets, and to thrive professionally. Our empirical research proves it. Get the practical tools to get the best results.

Publication: Book, published by Globe Business & Law Publishing

Year: 2018

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PUBLICATION TITLE / Integrating Lateral Hires: The Key to Retention and Productivity

In today's competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining high-cost lateral hires is critical. The talent (and firm) is set up for success if hiring does not only mean effective recruiting and interviewing. Clear and data driven pre-hiring strategy and post-hiring integration with accountability can help lateral hires to thrive. It, however, requires the firm to be setup to foster lateral-incumbent collaboration.

Journal: The American Lawyer

Year: February 2019

Integrating Lateral Hires: The Key to Retention and Productivity
PUBLICATION TITLE / Smart Collaboration: The Lateral Hiring Paradox

Collaboration, done right, institutionalizes the client, such that the client will remain with the firm even if a partner departs. Laterals are often get hired based on the claimed size of their portable business, which means that firms are hiring lone wolves. The paradox can be solved with strategic lateral hiring process that builds in accountability, raises the probability of attracting collaboration-minded partners and closely follows a plan for integration.

Journal: Professional Development Quarterly

Year: 2019

Gardner & Co

Year: 2017

Goodwin’s Chairman David Hashmall interviews Dr. Gardner about her new book “Smart Collaboration for Lateral Hiring“, the link between a firm’s culture and its lateral recruitment efforts, the building blocks of a successful lateral integration program, how recruitment tactics differ across geographies, and more.


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