“Smarter Collaboration” coauthor Ivan Matviak discusses his fintech experience, the benefits of smarter collaboration, and some of the hot trends in the fintech space – including artificial intelligence.


In an interview for the Global FinTech Series, Gardner & Co. Co-Founder and Clearwater Analytics Executive Vice President Ivan Matviak offers his insights around the fintech industry, smarter collaboration, and their intersection. Matviak comments on:

  • His 25+ years of fintech experience
  • Clearwater Analytics’ services and client base
  • The research-backed benefits of smarter collaboration
  • The future of SaaS-based apps
  • The role of artificial intelligence at Clearwater Analytics
  • Top investment accounting operational challenges
  • Artificial intelligence’s contribution to the digital space and other relatable industries
  • Tips for fintech innovators and leaders
  • Helpful resources for readers