New five-module resource provides the necessary guidance and assets to conduct a collaboration diagnostic.

What really stands in the way of collaboration in your company? In our experience, most people have a strong hypothesis. And most of them are (at least partly) wrong—and the more senior they are, the less accurate their premise.

You need to test your guess with data and analytics, and we can show you how.

The Harvard Business Review Press has launched the Smarter Collaboration Diagnostic Toolkit. This five-module resource is a digital companion to Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work (and chapter 4 in particular) by Dr. Heidi K. Gardner and Ivan Matviak.
Bundled with a Smarter Collaboration ebook, it provides you with the guidance and assets to conduct your own collaboration diagnostic. This includes the written steps, videos, templates, ideas, tips, examples, talking points, and worksheets to:

✔️ Understand the diagnostic (module 1)
✔️ Collect the data (module 2)
✔️ Analyze and interpret the data (module 3)
✔️ Communicate and disseminate your findings (module 4)
✔️ Embed smarter collaboration into your company (module 5)

The diagnostic is a research-based approach to obtaining a clear-eyed view of your organization’s readiness to implement a collaboration-related strategy. For the purposes of the toolkit, it consists of an internal survey, client interviews and/or focus groups, and internal interviews and/or focus groups.

Led by a Working Group and Steering Committee, the diagnostic is not only a way to forge the right collaboration path to achieve your top strategic objectives. It also plants the seed of collaboration in the mind of everyone who participates, helping them understand it and get excited about what can be achieved through collaboration—especially when it’s smarter.

For more on the toolkit, feel free to watch the video below.