At the Richmond SHRM’s 14th Annual Strategic Leadership Conference on October 19, 2023, Gardner & Co. Insights Director Csilla Ilkei shared smarter collaboration research and advice with HR leaders.


Top talent. Motivated employees. Innovative solutions. HR leaders are laser-focused on these outcomes. But how can they ensure the larger organization is, too?
On October 19, at the Richmond SHRM’s 14th Annual Strategic Leadership Conference, Gardner & Co. Insights Director Csilla Ilkei discussed several research-proven approaches across the four vectors of collaboration:

  • Prime your HR team for innovation, by embracing multi-disciplinary expert discussions where both tenured and younger colleagues feel safe contributing authentically.
  • Supercharge HR leaders’ ability to shape and influence the C-suite: masterfully articulate your unique vantage point, including how it helps solve the organization’s VUCA problems.
  • Develop a high-quality network in the company: A strategically designed and nurtured network can be unleashed for superior outcomes—and save time.
  • Initiate exciting and beneficial external relationships—both for yourself and the organization, and sow the seeds for a collaborative relationship by showing your trustworthiness.

By collaborating smarter with people in each vector, HR leaders can fine-tune the outcomes that matter and have more influence in making them happen.

To watch highlights from Ilkei’s talk, see the videos below.