“Smarter Collaboration” co-author Dr. Heidi K. Garner delves into the world of more effective collaboration, including what it looks like in a hybrid environment.


In the latest episode of The Best Business Minds podcast, Dr. Heidi K. Gardner unravels the who, what, where, when, why, and how of smarter collaboration. Key questions addressed include:

  • What’s the difference between smart and smarter collaboration?

  • What are the top barriers to collaboration?

  • What are the most common collaboration mistakes?

  • How did Dr. Gardner’s experience at McKinsey shape her current work?

  • What are some tips for collaborating with third parties?

  • What is the value in telling collaboration success stories?

  • To what extent should leaders focus on collaboration supporters versus resistors?

  • What are some strategies for collaborating in hybrid environments?

  • How does collaboration help with employee engagement?

  • To what extent does smarter collaboration vary by culture?

  • What role does artificial intelligence play in smarter collaboration?

Dr. Heidi Gardner author of “Smarter Collaboration” from Marc Kramer on Vimeo.