In a conversation with Dr. Stephen Long, Dr. Heidi K. Gardner and Ivan Matviak discuss some of the themes from their book, “Smarter Collaboration”

Smarter Collaboration co-authors Dr. Heidi K. Gardner and Ivan Matviak share a number of insights from their book as well as the experience of writing the book. These include: 

  • How a financial quant paired up with an academic to write Smarter Collaboration
  • Their process for writing Smarter Collaboration
  • The role of conflict and psychological safety in effective collaboration
  • Top barriers to collaboration, including compensation systems, trust issues, collaboration skills and confidence, and knowing who to reach out to
  • The importance of strategic goals that cut across business silos
  • The upfront investment required for collaboration initiatives
  • What is being sacrificed with remote and hybrid work
  • How smart collaboration means making the most of your abilities (and communicating them), not being great at everything
  • Different collaboration-related behavioral tendencies and how they can be leveraged
  • How organizations must balance specialization with external partnerships
  • The innovation benefits of smart collaboration