On the opening day of the 2022 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference, Dr. Heidi K. Gardner gave a keynote presentation on smarter collaboration.

In her Leading Entrepreneurs of the World session, Dr. Heidi K. Gardner recommended clear actions that overstretched leaders can take to optimize the productivity of their team and reduce burnout.

The most successful entrepreneurs build and nurture a diverse set of relationships, including a broad external ecosystem. Most leaders, however, fail to appreciate the importance of convincing their employees these outsiders are beneficial. Also, the best leaders focus on cultural due diligence when selecting an external partner, routinely reassess whether the partnership is working, and take quick action when it is not.

Smart collaboration is not the same as collegiality or cooperation. It is a hyper-intentional approach to bringing in exactly the right people at exactly the right time. No more, no less.

To watch the keynote presentation, click here.