“Smarter Collaboration,” the sequel to bestselling “Smart Collaboration,” has just been released.

It’s LAUNCH DAY! Check out this new video from my co-author, Ivan Matviak, and I, talking about highlights of Smarter Collaboration.

We touch on:

☑️ Why we were inspired to write Smarter Collaboration
☑️ What smarter collaboration is
☑️ Some reasons people don’t practice smarter collaboration
☑️ Top outcomes of smarter collaboration
☑️ Examples of case studies in the book

For more on Smarter Collaboration, Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature shows actual book pages, including the TOC, Intro, and part of Chapter 1.

To share the wisdom, consider asking your community, school, or firm library to order it. For volume discounts on bigger orders, please message me directly.

And we are busy planning book tours in the US and many other countries (UK, Ireland, Nordics, Australia, Brazil). Please let us know if your organization is interested in hosting a book launch event, by emailing Lea at lea@gardnerandco.co.